Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trailer Predictions: April 1, 2011

New trailer predictions! A much more polar bunch this time around. Click the jump for the predictions.

Universal Pictures 

Looks like crap, family comedy enough said.
 Don't Watch- unless you are a child, but if you are you probably are not reading my blog.

 IFC Midnight

Adrien Brody likes to get messed up. In his academy award winning role in The Pianist, Brody ends up a maimed, starving, broken person. It looks like Brody gets mangled again in this thriller. It's hard to tell what this movie will turn out like because director Michael Greenspan and writer Christopher Dodd are complete unknowns in the feature film world. But Adrien Brody is a proven talent and is obviously going to carry this film.
 Theater-The whole identity crisis plot looks like it could set it apart from your typical action/thriller, if the plot is unique enough this might be worth the full price.

IFC Midnight

The fans of Dwight from the Office are continuing to throw their pocket protectors in the air with glee. I'm actually looking forward to this movie more than Peep Show. Although the director/writer seems a little iffy, he wrote Scooby-Doo one and two, but he did direct they culty movie Slither. What I like is the potential for this movie not only have great slapstick and situational comedy, but to also have social commentary and satire, both with relationships and society in general.
 Theater- Rainn Wilson will hopefully carry this movie, but comedies always come down to the writing.


Magnet Releasing

Honestly, watch the trailer. There will be nothing like this movie for a long time. 
 Must See- Just for the incredible uniqueness. 


Didn't they make this movie already? In fact it looks like it's the same people making the same kind of movie. Haunted house, haunted child. But surprisingly enough the trailer impressed me, the directing actually looked quite interesting. This doesn't look like it'll add anything new, but it might be well done for what it is.
 Wait for the DVD- Nothing new, might want to catch it on Netflix when it's a late night with your buddies. 

The Last Godfather
Roadside Attractions

I like Asian jokes (I'm half Asian), I like Italian jokes (It's my other half), I like period films, but this movie looks like garbage. 
 Don't Watch- A new Jackie Chan movie would be better.


Source Code
Summit Entertainment

Sci-fi fans rejoice! Duncan Jones, maker of the sci-fi cult hit Moon, is back with a little extra star power this time. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this science fiction thriller with a unique concept. Gyllenhaal is a soldier who has to relive 8 minutes of a train bombing over and over again until he can figure out how the bombing happened. Although Jones did not write this movie, I expect there is a lot more to the plot than just finding a train bomber. This movie will have to have a unique and interesting plot and narrative to set it off from the pack of other thrillers, and knowing who is behind this movie makes me very optimistic about that.
 Must See- There doesn't look like there is anything wrong with the actors, the director has proven himself before, it all depends on the interesting story. 

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