Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trailer Predictions March 25, 2011

I'm a poor suburbanite and cannot afford to see/review every movie, however I am smart. What I do here in the Trailer Predictions is watch the trailers of the soon to be released movies and I check out who's involved in the film. Based off of my "research" I make predictions to weather a movie is watchable. Just to remind the louder angrier part of the Internet: these are just predictions and I agree that I can be wrong. Enjoy.


Sucker Punch!
Warner Bros

 Sucker Punch! looks like it's for all those Zach Synder fans who are "Waiting for Superman" (ha ha see what I did there). The trailer really says it all, small hot young blog girl as a killer in a fantastical visual extravaganza of a world filled with explosions, robot Naziesque thingys, swords, and a team of buxom babes. It's a man's film made for men.
 Matinée for Men- Sword slicing explosion.

The Weinstein Co.

Another serious Arab-Israeli relations and conflict movie. Although the subject matter is not entirely new, this movie looks well done and will very much depend on the performance of Freida Pinto (you might know her from Slumdog Millionaire).
 Matinée- While there looks to be nothing particularly wrong with this movie, it doesn't look like it'll add anything to the genre. 


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
20th Century Fox

It's a family comedy with two brothers who don't get along, the big brother is rowdy adolescent and the little brother is a smart crafty little kid who rebels against his big brother...Enough said.
 Wait for TV- you could watch it with your kids or something.

Peep World
IFC Films

The fans of Dwight from the Office are probably throwing their pocket protectors in the air with glee, with the upcoming Super and now Peep World under his belt at last, it looks as if Rainn Wilson's career on the silver screen might be going back in his favor again. Although Rainn Wilson looks to be a very entertaining character in this movie, Peep World also has as much going against it as well as for it. I do not like Sarah Silverman and while that does make me iffy about this movie I am optimistic because her role in the movie does look to be an annoying obnoxious character that it is ok to hate. While the actors (minus Sarah Silverman) look to make a promising cast, behind the screen is what worries me about the quality of this movie. The director, Barry W. Blaustein, does not have a promising history with such works as The Nutty Professor one and two. Unless you are in fact Eddie Murphy, Blaustein should be a red flag for this movie.
 Matinée- Comedies are not what they used to be, It'll be too long before I rate a comedy with a Must See.

White Irish Drinkers
Screen Media Films

I'm pretty sure this movie was already made. Looks like it's your typical New York crime movie. What I do like about this movie is that it is composed of smaller actors making it an underdog movie. Even the director, the plainly named John Gray, has only made made TV movies before this. But like the director's name this movie seems plain with nothing new.
 Wait for the DVD- There doesn't look like there is anything outright wrong with this movie, but it's been done way too many times. You probably just saw The Town so you might want to wait a while for this one if at all.

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